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Name: Cedomir
Age: 21
Nationality: Serb

Armory link:

Which talent choices do you generally use for your primary spec and why?

T15 - ''Speed of Light'' i'm useing it most of the time because on almost every encounter in ToT their mechanic is made for quick stacking / spreading. On encounter where is no need for speed boost i will go with ''Pursuit of Justice''.

T30 - This tree is not worth mentioning because there is nothing in there that can help me or benefit to raid in any way. Here i just take ''Fist of Justice'' in hope that there is some trash or encounter adds witch are not immune on stun.

T45 - My personal favorite tree - Here i use ''Eternal Flame'' 90% of the fights. To have a heal over time as Holy Paladin is a new thing other then that, this hot even stack my ''Illuminated healing absorb shield'' and i'm realy realy satisfied with it.
''Sacred Shield'' is a thing for realy high tank dmg encounters and in order that i'm healing with resto druid or disco priest i would change to that talent. Other then that i will stay on ''Eternal Flame''. Ofc there is alot of things i can do to save tank from high dmg but i'll get back to you in a moment with that in next talent tree.

T60 - Here we are, tree for reduced dmg on everyway posible. Here my first choice is ''Clemency'' my second is ''Hand of Purity'' and last '' Unbreakable Spirit'' why?
''Clemency'' as we all know gives me 2 ''Hand of Protection'' aka bop, 2 ''Hand of Sacrifice'' and 2 ''Hand of Salvation''. I would transfer crazy amounts of dmg from tank to me with sacrifice and i still won't get too much dmg coz of ''Eternal Flame'' on me with 100% increased healing + imba more ''Illuminated healing'' basicly i will hardly feel the dmg while tank will enjoy. Only way i change ''Clemency'' to ''Hand of Purity'' is when there is encounter witch gives to the tank or any raider nasty debuff with over time dmg witch i can make to look like a joke with 10% dmg reduction and 70% reduced over time dmg for 6 seconds. About ''Unbreakable Spirit'' i'll use it on bosses like ( just giveing example so you understand me perfectly ) Jin'Rokh the Breaker for reduced cd on bubble, lay on hands and divine protection because of encounter mechanic like for example runing out because of Ionization to dispell myself or Focused Lighting kite till point of impact ofc with divine protection on myself i will hardly feel the dmg. Since i have to run more frequently i take ''Unbreakable Spirit'' while ''Clemency'' or ''Hand of Purity'' are hardly needed there.

T75 - ''Holy Avanger'' definitely i never change it why? Because ''Divine Purpose'' procs are very good healing increase but i can not depend on it because of simple reason when i need them the most they are not procing. On other hand ''Holy Avanger'' is a real deal, short cd (2min) and boost of healing is insane, specialy with 5.1 4set bonus that gives reduced cd for 2seconds on holy shock. I have pretty good items from ToT in my baggs to replace my hands and leggs with imba upgrade but holy shock is still better > mana save > more healing, thats why i'm useing old tier.

T90 - For aoe healing i'm useing ''Light's Hammer'' only on encounters where raid will stack on 1 point for a bit longer like 10 seconds is enough. If not i will go with ''Holy Prism'' extra rotation heal is always good and sometimes proc insane crits on 5 targets.

Please provide a brief explanation of your glyphs, gems, enchants, and reforges

I will start with Glyphs

Glyph of Beacon of Light - Removeing global cd on Beacon is choice for every paladin in my opinion specialy if you train it well to switch between tanks and other raids for gaining extra holy power with Divine Light or Flash of Light is high boost of healing and mana save me personaly never take it off the tank witch gaining insane dmg just beacause i'm greedy for more holy power only when i see the tank like in safe mode i'll keep switching the beacon.

Glyph of Divinity - Cd on Lay on Hands is already 10 minutes so it won't harm if i increase it 2 mins for to get 10% of maximum mana restored upon useing. This spell and a glyph is what every healer can wish for, basicly god like spell.

Glyph of Divine Plea - I find myself 5 seconds of open space to cast it and restore 12% of my total mana is something i will use everytime on cd ( 2min ). If i don't take this glyph i don't lose mana restore but i lose time in the fight beacase that would be foolish of me to heal with 50% reduced healing in those 9 seconds. Specialy if tank or some raid member start beeing raped by dmg i have to cancel it and lose the mana. Its all easy avoidable with glyph.

About Gems

Purified Imperial Amethyst - 80 intellect and 160 spirit
Sparkling River's Heart - 320 spirit
Sparkling Serpent's Eye - 480 spirit
Zen Wild Jade - 160 spirit 160 mastery
Crystallized Horror - 500 intellect
Revitalizing Primal Diamond - 432 spirit and 3% increased critical effect

As you can see prio is
Spirit - ( mana regen usefull for all healers ofc )
Intellect - ( stronger heals + bigger chance to crit witch feels awesome )
Mastery - ( Illuminated healing abosorb shield thing on what i'm most proud of )

Enchants, these are the best there is all are based on my stats prio

Sholders - Greater Crane Wing Inscription - 200 intellect 100 critical strike
Cloak - Superior Intellect - 180 intellect
Chest - Mighty Spirit - 200 spirit
Wrists - Super Intellect - 180 intellect
Hands - Superior Matery - 170 mastery
Legs - Greater Pearlescent Spellthread - 285 intellect 165 spirit
Feet - Pandaren's Step - Increase movement speed slightly and mastery by 140
Finger - Greater Intellect - 180 Intellect
Finger - Greater Intellect - 180 Intellect
Shield - Major Intellect - 165 intellect
Mace - Jade Spirit - Proc increase intellect by 1650 and if i'm less then 25% mana i get 750 spirit aswell.


- 1190 critical strike > +1655 mastery
- 994 haste > +529 spirit
As holy paladin i care only about Spirit and Mastery.

What do you enjoy doing on World of Warcraft, inside and outside of raids?

I enjoy only in the raids / progress everything else is less fun, ofc i'm always up for dailies, dungeon, challange modes, playing on Auction House basicly anything that is alteast little interesting.

What motivates you to play your current class & spec?

I'm playing paladin since Vanilla and i enjoy it all the time, i have to mention i have DPS offspec with 499 ilvl i'm pretty good skilled there aswell. Atm Holy motivates me with abilities to singe target and aoe heal, this makes me feel awesome and i'm planing to stay on holy paladin until this game vanish from existence.

If need be, would you consider taking the role of rerolling to another class/spec (you must be able to play that class/spec at a high level aswell)?

I have absolutely no problem with that

Do you have anything that might prevent you from attending every one of our raids?


Do you have any logs of a current-tier fight?

Please link a screenshot of your UI during combat

Please visit and provide a result screen from the testAVG. DOWNLOAD
64.68 Mb/s
3.81 Mb/s
22 ms

What are your computer specs?

Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.30GHz (Unlocked CPU for Extreme Overclocking) (Quad Core)
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67
System Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Digital Storm Certified Performance Series
Power Supply: 750W Digital Storm Certified (Dual SLI Compatible)
Operating System: 1x (1TB Hitachi/Seagate (7200 RPM) (32MB Cache)
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB (Includes PhysX Technology)

Which noteworthy guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave them?

I was in Drama Sheep decent 10 man raiding guild, they got disbaned beause officers and GM had RL problems. There is switched to Inept raided a bit and left them because i couldn't find common word with the GM and ofc because of backstabing story's from raiders > members witch i realy hate.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Specifically about your personality and attitude towards other players

I'm serious by nature and throughout life I've learned to show respect to people was it in game or real life. Of course I expect people to return back respect. My attitude will be the same for all good players or bad players. We all know pretty good what will happen to bad players > they get removed / replaced no need to be harsh on them because they already got punished. Kind word open all gates in the word.

I just remembered it would be nice to show you my keybinds and macros:

1-Divine Light ; 2- Flash of Light ; 3- Holy Shock ; 4- Light of Dawn ; shift/q - Fist of Justice ; Every Man for Himself - shift/r ; r - Denounce ; v - Divine Shield ; shift/v - Hand of Protection ; c - Cleanse ; mouse3 - Hand of Freedom ; shift/space - Devotion Aura ; shift/1 - Holy Radiance ; q - Word of Glory ; x - Divine Protection ; shift/4 - Avenging Wrath ; shift/mouse scroll up - Hammer of Wrath ; shift/mouse3 - Guardian of Ancient Kings ; shift/s - Hand of Sacrifice ; shift/3 - Holy Prism ; shift/3 Lights Hammer ; shift/d - Beacon of Light ; shift/scroll down - Divine Favor ; shift/e - Symbiosis(if casted on me) ; ctrl/r - Divine Plea ; shift/x - Lay on Hands ; shift/2 - Holy light ; ctrl/1 - healthstone ; ctrl/c - Seal of Insight

My Macros
#showtooltip Hand of Protection /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover] Hand of Protection ; #showtooltip Hand of Salvation /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover] Hand of Salvation ; #showtooltip Hand of Freedom /stopcasting/cast [@mouseover] Hand of Freedom ; #showtooltip Hand of Sacrifice /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover] Hand of Sacrifice ;
#showtooltip Cleanse /cast [@mouseover] Cleanse ; #showtooltip Divine Shield /stopcasting /cast Divine Shield ; #showtooltip Beacon of Light /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][]Beacon of Light #showtooltip Divine Plea /cast Divine Plea /cancelaura Divine Plea ( i use this macro only when i need some other glyph instead of ,, Glyph of Divine Plea ,, on some encounters ; #showtooltip Crusader Strike /stopcasting /cast [@focus].

That's all I can think of atm i hope i'll be able to progress with Ninteen Forty Five. Thx for your time, Best regards Duntes
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Log out in your holy spec/gear btw please :)
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i did now sry for waithing i was on traning > gym
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Unfortunately you lack the experience that we're looking for.
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