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Name: Lassi
Age: 17, will turn 18 in May
Nationality: Finnish, but I am able to speak finnish and swedish at the same level, and english understandably.

Armoury link:

Which talent choices do you generally use for your primary spec and why?
There's not a lot of choice to take as a rogue for PvE, but some small explanations:

T15: Shadow Focus - Almost a free cast of an ability from stealth is pretty good and a small dps increase.

T30: Deadly Throw - There aren't acutally any good choices in this tier so I took deadly throw for those few times I can't touch the boss with melee.

T45: Cheath Death - Who wouldn't take a second chance?

T60: Shadowstep - More mobility is always better.

T75: Dirty Tricks - Useful for the fights where cc might be needed.

T90: Anticipation - The amount of combo points lost during opener without this would be so high I would be crying myself to sleep at night. Also good for pooling energy, rupture etc.

Please provide a brief explanation of your glyphs, gems, enchants, and reforges My glyphs are out of personal preferrance. The smoke bomb glyph will usually change to glyph of feint when smoke bomb is not needed to protect the raid from damage. Gems are to pick up the socket bonuses and still provide me the usefull stats. Enchants are the ones giving me the most benefit. Reforges are to get my caps and then just go full out on mastery which is my best stat. Whatever is left over I put into haste for, which gives faster attack speed which in turn is more poison hits.

What do you enjoy doing on World of Warcraft, inside and outside of raids?
I mainly play for raiding and outside of raids I normally do dailies to get my coins and such. I enjoy leveling also which results in me having lots of alts. Due to recent events I haven't really played wow a lot outside of raiding. I've never played alliance either so this would be an completely new experience for me.

What motivates you to play your current class & spec?
I've played rogue since I started this game and generally it's the class and the mechanics of it which I make me enjoy it (stealth).

If need be, would you consider taking the role of rerolling to another class/spec (you must be able to play that class/spec at a high level aswell)?
I have some experience on other classes, but would probably like to play boomkin or another melee class. I'd highly prefer sticking to my rogue though.

Do you have anything that might prevent you from attending every one of our raids? Everyone has vacations and irl stuff every now and then. I'm currently studying to become a chef, so I have some food events sometimes going on which might result in me showing up late/not showing up at all some days.

Do you have any logs of a current-tier fight? My current guilds logs

Please link a screenshot of your UI during combat

Please visit and provide a result screen from the test

What are your computer specs? Can't remember on the top of my head, but it's definitely enough for the games I'm playing. I'm able to raid 10 man on almost full graphics.

Which noteworthy guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave them?
Censored on Neptulon horde during wotlk, disbanded.
Satya Yuga on Twisting Nether horde all of mop pretty much. This guild disbanding basically is because of people leaving and lack of finding new GOOD players.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Specifically about your personality and attitude towards other players
I'm pretty quiet around new people, but after getting used to the atmosphere I usually begin to talk more. I have a good sense of humor and like to joke around, can take criticism pretty well aslong as it's in constructive format. My own humor can be pretty heavy and it doesn't suit a lot of people so I usually don't use these kinds of jokes around people I don't know well. I try to be nice aslong as you treat me the same way.

Outside of WoW I usually spend my time on the computer also, but playing League of Legends instead. Irl I live home at my family still but my part of the house is pretty private to me so it's almost like my own appartment. I have 2 dogs aswell and I generally like baking/cooking on my freetime also.
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Hi Nacosta and thanks for your application!
We'll get back to you shortly.
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Talked to you a lot before this application - all looking nice. Accepted as trial, welcome!
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