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#7751327 Apr 29, 2013 at 05:35 PM
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Name: Mohamed Atef
Age: 23
Nationality: Egyptian

Armory* link:

Which talent choices do you generally use for your primary spec and why?|opd
About the talents :
I choose displacer beast for some utility and speed increase after it if i am kiting some stuff or running to spot for like Jin for the orb or Lei-Shen for the side's to catch the spot before the over charge, and for the drawing in Twin's if needed and some times Wild Charge for Council the add phase to take it away and knock it. Nature Swiftness for instant heal or CR for someone. Typhoon is the best of the T45 talents most useful talent atm to play with in this patch. For T60 i choose incarnation for because it has nice strong damage there tried SoTF might be good with 4-Set to have the Nature grace up time on the fights at least 95%+, force of nature not the best atm to play with, T75 vortex for the grip back like in Council for the spirit add or the illusion or the orbs at Lei Shen, or the chasing add on Horridon got some good points to use there so i prefer to go with, and in T90 i choose Nature Vigil for any nuking period boss, like Jin for the pool, Horrdion for the gates stack on the boss, and Ji-kun for the young feed buff. Rest i go with Hotw for stable dps unless burst is needed so mostly i go with NV.

Please provide a brief explanation of your glyphs, gems, enchants, and reforges
Glyphs i go with Stampede so in-case i need to use i don't lose dps while running at least for the dots and instant SS, Stampeding Roar for the radius for the whole raid, MoonBbeast so i can cast healing spells and CR without going out of form, and sometimes i go with solar beam for the adds on Horrdion if needed or Megeara.

What do you enjoy doing on World of Warcraft, inside and outside of raids?
That well-earned Heroic kill, earning my spot. Ravaging those meters while staying full on focus!
Not much out of raids, some socializing. A bit of old content transmog farm and some good achievements.

What motivates you to play your current Class & Spec?
1- One of the best burst classes in this expansion so far.
2- Brings a lot of utility buffs to the raid. (Stampede, Innervate, Tranqs, and off-healing)
3- HotW.
4- Add fights multi-dotter.

If need be, would you consider taking the role of rerolling to another class/spec (you must be able to play that class/spec at a high level aswell)?
Given time and practice. Yes, i am able to and to a high level

Do you have anything that might prevent you from attending every one of our raids?

Do you have any logs of a current-tier fight?
More available if requested.

Please link a screenshot of your UI during combat

Please visit and provide a result screen from the test

What are your computer specs?
AMD FX-8150
GTX 670

Which noteworthy guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave them?
Relevant this tier:
Ember - Kazzak: Left due to mass drama causing a lot of players to jump ship, and there was nothing left.
Replicant - The-Maelstrom: Current guild, lack of appropriate progress and lack of guild general progression motivation with bland mistakes.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Specifically about your personality and attitude towards other players
Nothing that you should be worried about, i usually keep it to myself, and take criticism seriously.
#7753436 Apr 30, 2013 at 12:16 AM
Guild Master
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Thanks for your application. We also talked ingame and everything seems fine. Will be back with a final answer tomorrow
#7756463 Apr 30, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Guild Master
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Accepted as trial. Feel free to get over here as soon as possible :)
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