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I know my experience is ver low. This is the main issue which bothers me and kept me from dropping an application instantly. I feel really sad about that point. And I know I need to make up for that in other areas to show you I am really worth the effort. Which I think I am. I am willing to explain everything via voice for as long as you want. I just want to get a fair chance with that application. So please just fade-out that topic for the moment.

Freaksoul – Retribution Paladin - EU-Frostmane


Armoury link:

Which talent choices do you generally use for your primary spec and why?
1) Speed of Light- Increased movement speed
2) Fist of Justice- Stuns on adds etc.
3) Sacred Shield- Applies shield on the target.. I generally use it on tanks .. sometimes on myself
4) Clemency- Multiple Hand spells ( as in Hand of freedom, Hand of protection etc) Since hand of protection , hand of freedom are very efficient in raid ..Hand of Protection can save many people .. eg :- if some1 is low on health during rockfall durting tortos encounter.. I could use it on em and they are immune... I generally use em on Healers...Similarly Hand of freedom during encounters like council, Iron Qon etc :)
5) Sanctified Wrath- Increased DPS... I ran a simulator between Sanctified wrath and Holy avenger .. Sanctified wrth gave more DPS output hence using it atm :)
6) Execution Sentence- Increased DPS

Please provide a brief explanation of your glyphs, gems, enchants, and reforges
Stat priority= Strength > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise Soft cap (7.5%) > Haste > Crit = Mastery

Reforging= I have reforged my extra expertise hit etc to haste....and have tried to maintain crit=mastery

Gemming= Red-bold primordial ruby/bold serpent's eye
Meta- Reverberating Primal diamond
Blue- Lightning wild jade (haste + hit)
Yellow-Quick Sun's Radiance ( haste)

Glyph of Divine Storm- Helps in my survivability as in heals me for 5% of my health
Glyph of Templar's Verdict- 10% less damage from all sources which is quite a good defensive
Glyph of Double Jeopardy- Extra DPS incase i need to shift targets repeatedly
or Glyph of Mass Exorcism when need of AOE dmg
What do you enjoy doing on World of Warcraft, inside and outside of raids?

Keybinds :-
2-Divine Storm
3-Crusader Strike
6-Hammer Of The Righteous
7-Hammer of wrath
8-Fist of justice
9-Every man for Himself
- -Speed of light
= ( macro of avenging wrath+Guardian of ancient kings)
F1 - Templar's Verdict
Shift+r-Word of Glory
r- Mouseover macro of Hand of Protection
z-Divine shield
f-Moseover macro Hand of Freedom
Shift-f-Divine protection
g-Execution Sentence
Shift-g-Hand of sacrifice
Shift+Caps Lock-Mouseover macro Lay on Hands
Caps Lock- Guardian of Ancient kings
Num 1-Sacred Shield
Num 2-Healthstone
Num 3-Lay on Hands

Rotation:- Exo > Judgement > crusader strike > Inquisition > Avenging Wrath+ guardian of ancient kings ( I use wings+ guardian if we are using Hero at start eg :- tortos...or if we are gonna Hero later during the fight as in > 5 mins eg :- Megaera, Iron Qon , Horridon etc OR ill save up wings+ guardian if we gonna pop Hero in between the fights eg :- Jin'rokh the Breaker etc) > Exo> HoW > Judge/Exo > HoW>judge/exo/crusade > TW( if 5 HP ) > HoW ( i use HoW every alternate spells coz its cooldown is reduced by sanctified wrath + I use execution sentence midway of wings because ill have my max proc on strength as in ancient power 20 stacks + Brutual talisman of shado-pan assault and if im lucky 10 stacks of mighty from Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun + dancing steel enchant ... so to maximise the output of execution sentence ill save it up for max proc) >TW....... Basically HoW>TW>Exo>Judge>Crusader strike. (during AOE TW=divine storm, crusader strike=Hammer of Righteous)

What motivates you to play your current class & spec?
Well, I started playing WOW during wotlk on a private server with couple of IRL friends... i rolled a retri pala nad like it very much....I joined retail during end cata
and rolled a retri pala again :) Retri palas have their own ways of advantages to the raid other than DPS..As I'm a Retribution Paladin other than DPSin the target only we need to focus on the raid defense as well. We got a raid wide defensive CD such as devotion aura. We got many hands spellls ( as in hof, bop etc ) which saves the raiders from certain shits ( since hand of sacrifice also removes magic it plays a major role aswell) . When it comes to Healing we got Lay on Hand which is just AWEsome, we also got instant heals( word of glory) the class is quite beneficial to the raid . So to sum up my main job in raid is to DPS the boss and meanwhile play safe by not dying ( since we got bubble - the ultimate defense for emergencies) Save the raid by taking low dmg, save raiders from taking unnecessary damage , since we are plates we can be act like backup tanks as well. This is how I feel about my role in the raid :)

If need be, would you consider taking the role of rerolling to another class/spec (you must be able to play that class/spec at a high level aswell)? Prot was my MS in 5.1 tbh i really din like it very much so shifted back to Retri and I think i'm pretty good at it :) I do PvP and I'm a holidin when it comes to PvP... So i know my class pretty well :P

Do you have anything that might prevent you from attending every one of our raids?
There is no particular time in the year as such..I will be inactive (not weeks together.. maybe couple of days tops) if i got any exams coming or if I gotta get up early for college (tests etc) the next day.... I will make sure that I will notify any officers if I do have to go inactive in any case :)

Do you have any logs of a current-tier fight?

Please link a screenshot of your UI during combat

Please visit and provide a result screen from the test This is one of the best connections available in India :)

What are your computer specs?
AMD phenom (tm) II X2 555 processor 3.2 GHz ... 4 GB DDR-3 RAM

Which noteworthy guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave them?
When i joined retail couple of us irl friend who were in private server together formed a guild named paratus..People weren't dedicated to the guild and slacked alot and some turned socal..(hence there is no tier 14 hc kills on my character)
I saw no future of the guuild in 5.2 so i left and joined TheEnd .. managed to get 12/12 normal and 1/13 hc in ToT.. Couple of raiders left and some started to slack ...the guild turned 10man and most of the people left. So i decided to move on :)

Is there anything else you would like to add? Specifically about your personality and attitude towards other players
I started playing about 2 years back... Was playing Wotlk with couple of IRL in a private server..we cleare 12/12 25hc ICC we managed to clear ulduar/RS/Naxx 25s too. That's my previous wow experience. I know that I may not be the most desired applicant due to my gear and experience discrepancy but I can offer you a dedicated, loyal gamer who always strives to improve his gameplay and has a passion for raiding. I am not applying for the short run but I search a guild who I can feel home again among people who I like and have fun with raiding on a highly competative level. I wouldn’t drop this application if I wouldn’t be sure to become a future asset to your raiding roster. I feel like you guys are the right match for me (invested time wise for raiding, success, skill). I know it would be first of all a big investment from your side (with a lot of trust involved) but in the long run I can pull my weight and 5.4 is still some time ahead to get up to par. I hope my application can prove you that I take that serious and I am not here to grab some quick useless items. In short,this is everything about me.I'm chilled and easy going and all i want to tell is,i know i have a no experience in other expansions but it doesn't mean i don't have the skill for the further stuffs incoming.A skilled player can pick up new things very quickly.I hope you guys like what i posted,and i request my experience is not taken into a big consideration:).I am always open to criticism as far as its done through the right ways and am trying to learn new things everyday.I push myself everyday and try and learn as much as possible everyday.I am a quick learner and don't make much mistakes,especially i don't make repeated mistakes.Hence thats about me,waiting to hear from you guys. :)

Thanks for reading.


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Even when disregarding your lack of experience, it is looking rather grim. Not top notch gear, very bad logs and absolute shit connection (especially when playing from India). Apart from that, you ARE lacking experience which is a bad thing for us as we are midprogress, and the fact that you are playing a retri paladin isnt very attractice. May I just ask, where in India do you live? That connection cannot be "one of the best in India" as my relatives who live there have a way better one.
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Thanks for the quick reply.. I saty in Bangalore( Karnataka ) .. Im using BSNL 4Mbps unlimited tariff plan. I know its not the best.. There are airtel and Act broadbands which are good as well but not as reliable as that of BSNL .
The logs were recorded when i had 300-450 ms which is quite shit. Recently the latency dropped to 170-180. Latency is the only thing I'm having trouble with...I will record new logs tonight and post em asap.
I know retri pala isn't one of the desired class required atm but I have exp playing the class since 2 years and i know everything about it.. Thats the reason i rolled a paladin when i joined retail. :D
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Sorry but your logs, experience and other areas do not cut it.
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